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Staff & Volunteers 

Pastor -- Pastor Andre Laird
Administrative Assistant -- Gayle Thorn
Treasurer -- Roger Thorn
Board Member -- Matt Mingus
Board Member -- Roger Thorn

Board Member -- Ryan Dauterman

Board Member -- Dave Wink
Senior Gathering Coordinator -- TBA
Custodian/Building Coordinator -- Ginny Amos

Imitate God

Preach.  Teach.  Sing in church.  Lead a Bible study.  Become a missionary.


Those are some ways to serve God.  They are not the only ways to serve God.  Not all of us are called to serve God in "high profile" positions.


However, there is one way that we can all serve God:  Live a godly life that puts other people before ourselves and shows unconditional love toward other people.  In other words...imitate God! -- gjat                 


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