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Benefits of Attending Small Groups

Luke 2:41-52 we read about the boy Jesus and His visit to the temple.  In Luke 2:49b Jesus asked, “Didn't you know I had to be in my Father's house?”  Even as a boy, Jesus knew it was important to spend time with people in God’s house.


Attending Small Groups isn’t a requirement.  It isn’t an absolute, unchangeable rule from God.  Attending Small Groups won’t save us from our sins and it can’t get us into heaven.  So, why should we go to Small Groups? 


Attending Small Groups (and worship services) will:


* Strengthen our faith.

* Increase our knowledge and understanding of God.

* Clarify God’s plan for our lives.

* Build our resolve to resist Satan and his temptations.

* Give us assurance that we aren’t alone, that there are other people actively serving and obeying God.

* Provides an opportunity to get to know other Christians and develop relationships and a sense of belonging.

* Allow us to have an opportunity to encourage other Christians in their faith.

* Let us have a special time set aside to thank God for all He’s done for us and to tell Him how much we love Him.

* Show other people – saved and unsaved – how important God is to us.  When unsaved, non-church-going friends know where we are going and why, it’s a powerful testimony to God’s greatness.


What are your plans for this Sunday morning?



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