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Now & Later

In John 13:36 Peter asked Jesus, "Lord, where are you going?"


Jesus answered, "Where I am going you cannot follow now.  But you will follow later."


Jesus was preparing to leave His disciples.  He was about to be arrested, to be crucified, and then to ascend into heaven.

Jesus' disciples wanted to go with Him.  Jesus told them they couldn't follow Him now, but that would follow him later.


The disciples didin't understand Jesus' comment at that time, but after Jesus' resurrection, His words became clear.  The disciples couldn't follow Jesus into heaven at that time because He had work for them to do on earth first.  Jesus wanted His disciples to know that now they had a job to do on earth -- spread the word about Him and His offer of salvation.  Later they would join Him in heaven.


Jesus' message applies to us, too.  Now we have work to do here on earth for Him.  Later we will join Him in heaven.


While you are waiting to join Jesus in heaven, please check out the services, activities, and othe events on our calendar so you can be involved in doing God's work with us. -- gjat                   



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